Sustainability – SEELA STUDIO


Sustainable activewear
made with wild plants!

Seela puts sustainability at the heart of the business, specifically a focus on responsibly sourced materials and thoughtful manufacturing. All Seela activewear is made using castor bean fiber, Ricinus Communis. Wildly grown and sustainably sourced, this fabric creates a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness. The fabric is certified by DIN CERTCO and OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I systems; and it is biodegradable. This means it does not contribute to the enormous problem of plastic waste currently suffocating our planet.


Eco-friendly dyes // We use natural botanical dyes that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. We also use a dyeing process with low water and energy consumption, aiming to reuse water during the washing process.

Made to move // Ultra-light, quick-dry, breathable – Seela activewear is created for movement. Seela was launched by two active, international women based in Switzerland, Ida Skarp and Kate Dennis. ‘We wanted to create a brand that reflects the modern woman’s activewear needs: functional, sustainable and timeless. Seela is the activewear you want to live in and gift to your best friend.”

Empowering through slow fashion!

At Seela we genuinely believe in conscious fashion, this is why we use environmentally conscious processes and technologies to produce our garments. From sourcing raw materials to creating the plant-based fiber and then the garments – everything is made in Italy with the greatest care for our planet. 

The factory where we cut and sew Seela activewear uses solar panel energy and recycled water to power the production. This modern sustainable process allows us to utilize 25% less water and energy than in traditional manufacturing. 


Eco-packaging // Each Seela product comes in a reusable tissue bag made out of recycled plastic bottles. We ship Seela in corn-based plastic alternative packaging that fully composts in 24 weeks. This zero-waste solution is designed to reduce the surplus of non-recyclable plastic consumed globally. 

Ethical fashion // The future of fashion relies on people: farmers who grow the crops, people who make the clothes, customers and employees. We at Seela believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone should earn a fair wage. We strive to ensure ethical employment standards are respected along our supply chain.