Let’s bring back greenery, life, and community.


unning in our sportswear means supporting life – your life, the life of the planet, and the life of those far away from you. We support the expansion and protection of the Gula Gula Food Forest to help heal the Earth, while offering a helping hand to the community in Indonesia that lost a life force that sustained them. The Gula Gula Forest is now slowly becoming a new beating heart of life and hope in the deforested region of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Read on to discover the impact of your purchases from Seela and see the forest’s growth with your own eyes.

The Food Forest Project in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Every year, Seela donates a minimum of 2% of all sales of clothes in the ‘Restorative Green’ colour to support The Gula Gula Food Forest Project. We have commited to contributing about 17 hectares of reforested land during 2022 and 2023. A total of 1500-2000 trees are planted per reforested hectare, which means between 25,500 - 34,000 trees and 20 families will directly benefit from Seela’s support each year. This will result in the sequestration of 166 Tons of CO2 during each year that will be exclusively allocated for Seela’s climate strategy agreement (named “SEELA’S SUPPORT”).

25,500 - 34,000





Tonnes of C02

Explore The Gula Gula Food Forest For Yourself

Scientific research by the scientist and Founder of Gula Gula Paul Burgers, and collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), has made it possible to make degraded land productive again. With the support of donation commitments from businesses like Seela, the food forest will continue to thrive. See the impact for yourself in this virtual drone footage.

The Community Supporting The Forest

The farmers in West Sumatra can once again earn a sustainable livelihood from their land and develop their community. Know that your purchases from Seela are ultimately improving the life of this wonderful community.