We strive to purify, restore, and energise our planet.


e truly believe in creating a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth; one which is mutually beneficial for the planet and for people; one that provides energy to people so that they can live out all their passions. Whether it be for charging a phone for the next big training session, or for powering a desk lamp to study for a future dream, we need energy. The world’s non-renewable resources are finite, but it also offers us boundless energy if we properly care for it and focus on using renewable energy sources. Our Energise Programme’s mission is all about maintaining the Earth’s energy ecosystems through a commitment to real action, knowing that, if we do so, we can all continue to live a happy and energised life.

We Strive Towards Self-Sustaining Production

By creating a self-sustaining energy system, we can constantly reap the rewards – harvesting plants that benefit health, using them in our garments, and powering our own energizing workouts. In turn, the Earth is looked after, more beautiful for us to go running in, and healthier for everyone.

Here’s what we’re already doing to save energy:

∙ Working with solar-powered factories

∙ Reusing water during the washing process

∙ Using a dyeing process with low water and energy consumption

∙ Maintaining climate-neutral shipping

∙ Sourcing and producing all materials – packaging included – in Europe

However, we know there’s always more that we can do. That’s why we know we need to constantly connect with others to establish partnerships that improve our own processes and also work for broader change around the world.

The United Nation’s ‘Climate Neutral Now’ Programme

As part of our progress towards wider and more impactful change, we joined the UN’s Climate Neutral Now (CNN) programme. The UN’s CNN programme supports organisations to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050. By addressing our carbon footprint now we contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement’s goals and really believe that we will create a healthier future for all of us.

What does this mean in practise?

This means that, to achieve climate neutrality, we commit to the following:

∙ Measuring our emissions

∙ Reducing them as much as we possibly can

∙ Contributing to offsetting projects

As part of our own Energise Programme, we also commit strongly to goal seven of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN’s SDGs), which is to ensure “affordable and clean energy for all”.

Our Donation To The Solar Sisters

Every year, Seela uses a minimum of 2% of all sales of clothes in the ‘Energising Red’ colour to donate to Solar Sister.