Let’s depollute our magnificent oceans.


ost of the plastic in our oceans is from miniscule plastic particles that are invisible to the human eye, not from whole products like bags and staws. With every synthetic laundry wash, countless plastic fibres end up in the ocean, where it’s then ingested by marine life and begins pervading our food chain. What we wear is largely responsible, because 60% of the world’s clothing is made from plastic materials. When we walk and run in synthetics, micro plastic fibers fly into the atmosphere. Seela exists to purify our workouts from this, for the good of our planet and our physical health.

Seela offers an alternative to the synthetic sports garment by creating sports clothes from castor bean fibre and botanical dyes. Ultimately, our aim is to cleanse our closets of harmful toxins so that both our health and our planet will benefit. However, we recognise that the story doesn’t end at the material we choose for our garments. Through our “Purify” progamme, we aim to build partnerships and initiatives that create real change.

Purifying Our Bodies With Plastic Free Wardrobes

The Impact of Synthetic Clothing On Your Immune System

Research by Dr. Raymond Pieters at Utrecht University shows that microplastics seriously impact our health. The study revealed that the microplastics damage our immunity when inhaled. If you expose the immune system to plastics, our dendritic cells – the helpful cells that break down bacteria in our bodies – engulf the plastic particles. They have no mechanism for breaking down the plastics. As they attempt to do so, and fail, they cause inflammation in our bodies. Chronic inflammation is known to lead to asthma, heart disease, cancer and even diabetes. As we now know, as we move around in synthetic clothing, these particles fly around in the atmosphere, meaning that these clothes are putting our entire health at risk. Seela is here to provide synthetic-free alternatives to prevent inflammation occurring in our immune systems and sustain healthy lives.

The Influence of Fabric Micro-Plastics On Your Hormonal Health

The research on the connection between our hormonal health, fertility and micro-plastics still has many gaps. However, research by Harvard University has shown that exposure to the chemical BPA could play a role in 20 percent of all unexplained infertility and we also know that this chemical can enter our system by leaking from bottles into the water we drink. This is enough for many of us to be concerned about how wearing and washing clothes made from plastic might be entering and damaging our system. While more extensive research is needed, we believe that choosing natural materials, already known for health-enhancing effects, is the only way forward.

Our Partnership With No More Plastic

Given that plastics never degrade, we know we need to go further to purify the world and contribute to greater change. Through our partnership with No More Plastic – a non-profit foundation working in service of the only one ocean that covers this planet – we seek to change the standards in the sports fashion industry by creating awareness and encouraging sustainable action.

No More Plastic works to generate public awareness about plastic and microplastic pollution, advocate the need for alternatives and foster innovative solutions to reinvent the future. Due to our clear shared vision and values,
 every year, Seela donates a minimum of 2% of all sales of clothes in the ‘Purifying Blue’ colour to support No More Plastic’s work.

Our partnership is in the early development stages, and we can’t wait to see what our shared values, financial contribution, and commitment to real change brings. We will continue to update this page with all the developments of our “Purify” project and parternship with the No More Plastic.